Jewelry plays, one of the most significant parts in a woman’s life across cultures and traditions. The charm of metal and artificial jewelry can never fade from her mind. Clothes and jewelry has to match when she wants to have that graceful and elegant look for any occasion. Agate, quartz, pearls or diamonds she loves everything that makes look her beautiful and boosts her confidence. Bronze jewelry for women looks very exclusively feminine and offer richness to her look. Bronze Jewelry is one of the premier online jewelry stores to cater the jewelry market with fantastic pieces of bronze jewelry designs for all age groups across gender.  The necklaces for women are usually classified into different types depending upon the length of a necklace.

A choker measures 35 cms to 41 cms and worn at the higher portion of the neck closely across the neck.

The matinee necklace is 56 – 58 centimeters in length by measurement and a single stranded one ending just above the cleavage.

An opera necklace measures 75-90 cms in length usually positions at the breastbone.

Sautoir or rope necklace is of any length longer than the opera necklace.

A Lariat necklace is too long sautoir that doesn’t have a clasp and worn in layered form around the neck. The ends are looped, crossed over or knotted in different ways and sometimes it is worn as a lasso by looping at one or both ends.

These are common patterns of necklaces, but according to the materials used for adorning a necklace these can be classified as pearl necklaces that have pearls beaded in threads or bronze and other metal wires to retain strength. These can be single strands or layered depending upon the style and size of the pearls.

Diamond necklaces are symbol of love and commitment in the western culture. The diamonds are positioned over metals like gold, silver, platinum and bronze to offer the beautiful dazzle and spark to the necklaces and other jewelry items.

Bronze Jewelry for Women

Tooth pendant necklaces and prayer bead necklaces can also be made in bronze wires.

Apart from the necklaces bronze is vastly used to create jewelry designs such as, ear rings, bracelets, anklets, chains, pendants, charms, brooches, hair pins and combs, armlets and rings in various patterns. Clutches and handbags are also adorned with bronze jewelry patterns, with stones and bronze chains attached to them increasing the glam quotient of the accessories.

The jewelry items either adorn sea shells, pearls, glass beads, clay or wooden beads along with bronze jewelry wire to make bronze jewelry for men and women. Bronze is almost like the color of yellow gold, so a very affordable option for people who want to buy cheap jewelry. The appearance of bronze jewelry resembles the texture of rustic gold ornaments which looks immensely traditional and very appealing for a traditional occasion.

Bracelets can be made of bronze wires with pearl, glass or hand hammered metal beads or chains of bronze having pearls or beads in between and dangling trinkets of various shapes and sizes to make it look more feminine.

Imagining life without jewelry is next to impossible and rising cost of precious metals has surely fired up the demand for bronze jewelry designers and craftsmen. Handmade as well as machine crafted patterns of bronze jewelry are very popular n fashion world, but the handmade pieces of bronze jewelry have its unique appeal to attract the audience.

Bronze ear rings are very elegant and trendy in design and wonderful motifs depicted from nature are every woman’s dream to possess. Feather shaped, half moons, butterflies, heart shaped and simple round ear rings, all have the charm to capture the attention of onlookers. Women are crazy about these affordable and beautiful patterns of bronze jewelry that helps them to score more points in fashion than their peers and colleagues.

Brooches and hairpins are usually made very colorful by using stones and color to become eye catching. Apart from the looks, this jewelry is easy to maintain and resist wear and tear like silver jewelry, and in case you lose it by mistake you would end up buying more than you lost. Storing the bronze jewelry is very easy; get a bronze jewelry box from Bronze Jewelry and decorate your dressing table that boasts up a traditional yet stylish piece of showpiece and stores plenty of bronze jewelry within.