Jewelry is a part of fashion from old civilizations, when both men and women. But gradually men reduced the amount of jewelry they used to wear. Today only a selected range of jewelry is considered to be masculine and add weight to a man’s appearance. Bronze jewelry is the first metal jewelry used by humans long ago, strangely the same metal came back to offer more options for style and sophistication. Normally bronze jewelry for men ranges from bracelets, cuff links, rings, bands, buckles, tie pins and watches are allowed with the formal look. But chains, pendants, ear studs and other accessories can be used for a cool look, without making you look feminine. At Bronze Jewelry we have lots of jewelry for men and they would get tired of trying them on. Everything from tie pins to wrist watches is available in our store, so that you can pick any piece for any occasion.

jewelry for men


When it’s a business get together and you want to look your best without overdoing your look and then choose a bracelet, wrist watch and buckle that look perfectly decent but having subtle attraction to it. Get a tie pin to prevent your tie getting flown to your shoulder and be the perfect gentleman.

For causal get ups you can adorn anything from our vast collection of men’s jewelry. Bronze is not too flashy like gold and silver so, we have more bronze jewelry for men and help you look every bit masculine with an earthy touch to your persona. Never do too much with the jewelry, being a guy the thumb rule is to a smart approach towards dressing and grooming for any occasion. Overdoing anything will definitely spoil the sport completely. So do wear jewelry that lets you look exactly like a confident and well groomed person who knows ‘how much is too much’.

Making jewelry for, men is bit thoughtful as the designer has to remember that, nothing in a piece of jewelry should raise wrong signal and destroy your masculine appearance and turn you to a joke. The jewelry for men should increase their self confidence and emphasize their personality, rather overriding his reality.

Bronze Chains for Men


Bracelets and watches as well as rings and buckles are the most common jewelry worn by men in everyday basis. So these need to be very classy and complement his look always, irrespective of his clothing and environment. Jewelry for a man should look as if made for him only and he is wearing it from a long time.  Usually men don’t buy jewelry for themselves like women, so they are usually gifted by their loved ones at special occasions to mark the events. They keep the jewelry with them forever as a token of love, so rings being gifted to a man has to be bold and masculine and devoid of glittering crystals. Bronze rings from our store are usually incorporated with non-shiny gemstones that give a very subtle look to the wearer without raising an eye from others.

Buying men’s jewelry is a tough task as with style, brand name matters a lot. Hence while grooming yourself, try to buy jewelry from stores like Bronze jewelry, so that you can proudly show off your status symbol without really spending a fortune, if you would have gone for a silver or gold jewelry.