Women Bracelets

Bronze is timeless and carries a rich saga of our ancestors till date, but what’s the most used item today that is made of bronze? Of course, bronze jewelry and trinkets those are a part of everyone’s daily life. There is plenty of bronze jewelry available in the market both in traditional and contemporary trends in fashion. Due to its sturdiness and low cost, bronze jewelry is ruling the fashion market like never before. For working people it has a lot of advantages, as they can flaunt a single jewelry once to their work and no need to repeat till a longtime, matching with every outfit.  Bronze Jewelry specializes in bronze jewels with precious gemstones and pearls encrusted on them. Bronze jewelry bracelet, rings, necklaces, bangles, ear rings are the most common jewels available with us in an exclusive range.

Bronze bracelets look stunning and rich with possibly any outfit. Play with colors and look how beautifully the bronze jewelry can complement your personality. Bronze has a distinct appeal that can be mixed and matched with any color of clothing you put on.

Bronze ear rings project the bold and dramatic look due to their slightly differing color from gold; either with other gems or pearls or without any of it.

Different types and patterns of bracelets are available at Bronze Jewelry apart from necklaces, rings, ear rings and other jewelry. Bronze plated ring and beads woven in black threads with a splash of purple colored flowers make a very dramatic bracelet that gives a beautiful earthy feel to the wearer; complementing any look you sport.

Teamed up with pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, a layered bracelet can look awesome when you wear it with your evening gown and set to party, it can even be worn as a waistband due to its length. Both ends have engraved hearts that can be customizable to put your own name or a message to make it truly personal.

A bronze bracelet can carry the vintage aura when teamed up with a pair of bronze engraved cufflinks and a classy brooch featuring a small butterfly that adds color and drama; making your look mysterious and very masculine.

Bronze beads and gold plated bronze beads are woven in a bronze jewelry wire and a single bead encrusted with stones will offer a sophisticated charm to your persona. The bronze wire can be altered with elastic to make the bracelet fit any size of wrist.

Colored stones mix very nicely with bronze, as it resembles almost the color of gold; hence making bronze jewelry has vast opportunities. Pearls add a classic beauty to the jewelry and look innocent.

Multi layered bronze wires are twisted and chunky beads are inserted to make a bracelet that look trendy yet subtly rich and earthy note. It can be worn by both boys and girls for funky college parties. Adding a leather belt to form a bracelet with tiny bronze beads and interlinked bronze loops would give a rock star look. Flaunt your ultra look and be the style icon for your peers.

Some very unique and dazzling bracelets are available at Bronze Jewelry that you would love to own, one among them is a stretchable bracelet with copper and bronze beads in five layers connected to gold and silver colored, heart shaped trinket at the centre. With plenty of glittering crystals and entwined bronze bids this bracelet would definitely raise many eyebrows with appreciation.

Bronze Jewelry Bracelet for Men


Bronze jewelry for men and women is in vague, due to the seamless options available to experiment with traditional as well as contemporary styles and designs. Men prefer basically minimalistic bracelets to suit their outlook, where women wear for fashion and enjoy the complements from their colleagues and dear ones.

Pearls along with hammered beads of bronze, woven in a floral looking bracelet is every woman’s dream. So, buy one and look the admiring glances coming your way. The antique like bracelet is great for mix and match with any kind of fabric in any color. You can either a single bracelet or team up with another bracelet to make the look rich and sophisticated.

With these classic and contemporary bracelets choose perfect necklaces, ear rings or for men a sturdy finger ring and chain to complete the high-fashion look of the day.